Thursday, November 1, 2012



      Found this pendent in the same jewelry box.  I'm not pleased with the flower part, it has too many beads.  I'll re-tat the flower in the design, I started with.  

     The threads are Lizbeth, size 20's.  The gold leafy part was a challenge, trying to tat it in one round.  Once I finished all but the bottom leaf, I was stumped on how to attach it to the top part of the leaf.  Hummmm....what to do....I know, I go look on dear Jane's techniques section Yes, she saved me again!!  She has a "Downward Facing Picot" pdf.  Thank's Jane for your wonderful web site!!

      Here's my second attempt...not so busy.

1 " wide and 1.5" long.

3 of 100 motif challenge