Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can't Keep Them All

Can't Keep Them All

     I'm a Tattasaurus, with a tatting problem...I can't stop tatting.  I just love it!!!  I tat during my morning tea, tat at night, tat while we are on the way to the store, even design patterns when I'm suppose to be sleeping. 

     A lot of my tatting is given away as gifts and put into Christmas cards, some I sell at my fall craft shows, and a few on West Pine Creations.  I don't try to make a living at it If I sell a piece, great...that means I can buy another ball(s) of STRING!!

      On those rare occasions, I can't part with a piece of tatting.  That's what happened with this pair of earrings.  They started out as a single pendent and ended up as pair of changeable earrings.  They are tatted with pearl cotton #12 on an old pair of clip earrings.  The clips were glued on and easily removed.  The earrings also double as a pendent.

     Here's the link for the items for sale:  West Pine Creations.

      There was also a pendent, I made a little while back that I had a hard time parting with.  You can't keep them all...BUT, since I have the earrings, I need a matching necklace.  So, I kept the necklace and working on a matching bracelet.........I need the set.

12 of 100 motif challenge


  1. Heeee, heee, perhaps you should get together with this guy?
    Pretty earrings and pendant.

  2. Beautiful set lovely pendant and earrings

  3. So pretty. I especially like the pendant! <3

  4. I love blues!! they are so pretty and well made (as is everything you make!) Great job, can't wait to see the bracelet you make!