Friday, March 30, 2012

Snowflake Doily

Snowflake Doily

     This doily is for one of my Great Aunts.  It was featured in Handy Hands, Winter 2012 news letter.  This issue of the news letter was from:  "Tatting" by Penelope, Bk 4.

The thread is Anchor's size 10 metallic crochet thread, in white with a gold filament (the gold didn't show up in the picture).  The doily is 15" across.  This will make a lovely Easter gift for my great aunt.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Motifs By Accident

Motifs By Accident

      The motifs were suppose to be the "Antique Rose Teapot," by Martha Ess's, "Tea is for Tatting."  
     I ran completely out of thread on the first motif and made too many picots while tatting the next motif.  All-in-All, they turned out to be great motifs to hang on the Christmas tree or in the window.  By the third time, I finished a tea pot.

Size 20, Vineyard Harvest (ran out of thread).

Don't remember the thread used, forgot to write the name on the bobbin card (made too many picots).

                        's the teapot.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glass Crochet Hooks

Glass Crochet Hooks

     These are my favorite crochet hook to work with.  They are made out of Pyrex, strong glass, the same thing you cook with....don't worry, they're not as fragile as they look.  The metal and plastic crochet hooks hurt my hands after awhile, but these are very warm.  They range from 6" to 8" and are about a size J (US)/6 mm.  I've made may dish rags and afghans with them.  

     I can make them any length and most colors.  The only thing I can't do is make them smaller/larger diameter.  

They are for sale on my face book page:  West Pine Creations

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heart Motif

Heart Motif

     This is a section of the Heart Doily pattern by Iris Niebach.  You can also see her blog here:

     The motif was done in pearl cotton #8  with pearl beads. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Daisy Motif

Daisy Motif

     Motif pattern by Mrs. W. M. Odum.  The pattern was written out, so I suggest to diagram it.  I diagram all the patterns I'm working with.  This way, I can catch any mistakes and it is easier to take the little pattern with you.  Make sure you write down were the pattern came from so you can go back to it if you had a question.  Another variation of this pattern can be seen on Elizabeth's blog.

     The motif was made in size 20 Lizbeth thread.  The colors were med. leaf green and autumn spice.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



        (If you are interested in this book, type out your email address in the comments, below, and I will get back with you.  )

      I like dinosaurs, so it is common for my husband and I to add "saurus" to the end of things.  Whenever he'd see me tatting, he would say "are you tattasaurusing" or "are you a tattasaurus".  It seemed fitting to call my series of books "Tattasaurusing".  Each book is 1/2 - page size, allowing it to fit in a small handbag.
     The first thing I learned to tat was cross bookmarks.  They still drive me today.  I never get tired of them.  I liked to tat with the size 80 thread, but the stores had it in white, black, or ecru.  I like colors...lots of colors!!  I came across some Star tatting thread in an antique/collectible store.  I would fill my shuttle and tat as many crosses as I could get out of the shuttle.  Since the thread was hard to find, I didn't want to waste the little bit on the shuttle.  So, I started making up little motifs and bobbles from the small amount of string.  We have a little 18" Christmas tree, so these little decorations were perfect.

      My first book is "Baubles & Motifs".  It consists of  9 baubles and 12 motifs can be made from the same patterns.  The bauble patterns are:  7-Point Starburst, 6-Hearts, Universal Bauble (two versions), 12-Rings, Simply Small Bauble, 8-Lovely Hearts, and Rainbow Pearl.

     My second book is "Baubles & Motifs II".  It consists of  8 baubles and 9 motifs can be made from the same patterns. The bauble patterns are: White Rose Bauble, White Picot Rose Bauble, Small Flower Bauble (two versions), Frilly Bauble, 7-Damsels, Icy Bauble, and Tulip Bauble.
     The next book I'm currently working on has three tatting shuttle cases and two old fashioned purses (metal-framed with a chain for the handle).  

My Christmas Tree

     Well, back to tatting.  I just finished the other, matching boarder and need to finish a doily for my great aunt.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Sister's Birthday Present

My Sister's Birthday Present

     Before, I start....Happy Birthday, Cheryl!!!!!  Here is one of the presents I made here.

     This was made with an aquamarine bauble (March birthstone), pearls and crystals.  This looks like something a bride would wear.  This bauble is call the "Universal Bauble".  This is one of the pattens in my first book:  Baubles and Motifs, found on my Face Book page.  My sketch book is full of pattens, so I started making books out of them.

     The other present, I tatted for her, was a necklace/earring/bracelet set I Blogged about earlier.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tatting Case

Tatting Case

     These are the two types of tatting cases I take everywhere.  They are easy to make out of small scraps of fabric.  For larger project/trips I'll take the larger case and the smaller one of small projects.  They fit perfectly in my purse or pocket.  They have three rows of pockets.
     The large case, holds four shuttles in the middle row.  There are two pockets in the middle row, enough to hold the two shuttles and  a small project.  Once my project is too large, I'll put it in the top row.  The top row has the one, large pocket.  It also holds the thread I'm working with and a tatting needle case.  I wind all my threads on cardboard, cross-stitch bobbins.  The bottom row has three pockets.  One is for an extra bobbin of thread, tatting essentials, and my patterns/small post-its.  The shuttles and the tatting essentials are placed into small 2" X 4" plastic baggies, with the zip-lock cut off.  They are used to protect the fabric from wear and prevent the small crochet hook from poking through.

      The small case, holds two shuttles and my tatting essentials in the middle row.  The top row has the one, large pocket for my projects and the bobbin of thread.  The bottom row has one pocket for my pattern and a small post-its.  The shuttles and the tatting essentials are placed into small 2" X 4" plastic baggies, with the zip-lock cut off.  

     Tatting needle cases, I have for sale on Face Book.  I use three:  one for my larger yarn tatting needles, one for my smaller tatting needles, and one for my 5" doll needles.  I taught myself to needle tat with the doll needles.  The eye is a little big, but it works.  They are easier to obtain in this area.  I blew the form with Pyrex glass (very hard glass, the same stuff you cook with), wrapped the middle portion with polymer clay and used a pencil grip for the lid.  I like the triangular pencil grip, the best.  It has grooves along the inside so my string dangles out freely.  I usually, leave my project attached to the needle, close the lid, and wrap my project around the outside.  

     Tatting essentials, I have for sale on Face Book.  I have one for each tatting case.  They consist of a large, decorated safety pin, shortened crochet hook and a picot gauge.  I like to pin it to my shirt so the crochet hook is at the same height I'm tatting at.  (This also prevent the essentials from falling to the bottom of the truck floor, while my husband is driving.  The pin is also used to easily pry open any mistakes.  My tatting essentials have four different sized hooks.  The picot gauge was make out of shrink plastic.

     The tatting cases are also for sale on Face Book.  I can make them in any color combination.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shuttle Box

Shuttle Box

     The pattern for this shuttle box was from Dianna Stevens, "It's in the Bag!".  Made with size 30 crochet thread, gold and blue 6/0 beads, larger blue beads, and opalite beads.  The foundation was a cracker boxed, covered with heavy fabric.  The tatting was glued on with "Tacky Glue".

 The back side.

The bottom.

      The contents.

     Size 12 pearl cotton thread, two shuttles and a doily.   The doily is a lovely pattern from "The Workbasket" magazine, March 1964.  The pattern is named "Star Tatted Doily", but I call it "Hearts and Butterflies".  I have one more row to finish.  The last two rows, consist of three threads, so I had to stack my shuttles for the chains.  To make it easier, one shuttle is a post-type and the other a bobbin.  This way I could tighten the bobbin, to match the length of post shuttle.

My shuttles.

     The shuttle on the left is a "Clover" shuttle, with fingernail stickers.  I put a little colorless fingernail polish on it to make sure the stickers don't come off.  I haven't had a problem with stickers or polish coming off.  I've tried this on the "Lacis" shuttle, and the polish comes peels off after awhile.  The stickers stayed on, so try it without the polish.
     The shuttle on the right is an "Aero" shuttle with the ends cut away.  Visit Decoromana's Blog on how to make this shuttle.  I used fabric instead of a napkin.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Crosses

More Crosses

     No tatting today, only crosses I made with various stones and sat in sterling silver.  The settings are made to fit the stone and are soldered (no castings).
     Most of the crosses were gifts to family members, some sold, and two are for sale.  One of these days I'll get around to making my cross necklace in turquoise.  

 9 X 11 mm Carnelian agate and is 1.5" by 1".  

     If you look closely you can see a tree, "dendrite", in the middle of the agate.  This one is still for sale on Face Book:  West Pine Creations

Carnelian Agate.

     This was a gift to my little sister.  I liked the simple design of this one.  I forgot to write down the dimensions.  

 8 X 12 mm amber and is 2.25" X 1.25".

     Each decoration was made and cut by hand.  The small balls were formed by melting a small piece of silver.  This was a gift to my middle sister.

10 X 14 mm malachite stone.

     I forgot to write down the dimensions of the completed piece.  This one was a gift to our daughter.

 Opal and jet inlay.

     11/16" X 1 3/8" (18mm X 35mm) are the dimension of the cross.  This one is still for sale on Face Book:  West Pine Creations

 10 X 13 mm opal and is 1.25" X 2".

     Each scroll and ball was made by hand.  None of my pieces uses pre-fabricated parts, including the bail.  This was a gift to my family is so spoiled!  I rarely keep a jewelry piece for myself.

10 X 13 mm opal and is 1.25" X 2"...sold

    The picture didn't come out very well.


 18 X 24 mm quartz crystal...sold

     The backing was cut out into a shape of a cross.  This allowed the color of the background to show through.  This one, I debated on keeping.  I guess I debated too long, because it sold immediately.

Friday, March 16, 2012

More Crosses

More Crosses

     Fist off, Happy Birthday Gavin!!!!   My grandson just turned 5 today.  
     Here are more crosses.  I never get tired tatting crosses and my favorites comes from Lene Bjorn's "Tatted Bookmarks" book.  This was the first pattern book I bought, when I learned to tat.  This is a wonderful book with 12, well diagrammed, crosses.  I usually tat them in size 80 thread and they are about 3 to 3 1/2" long.  

     "Maria", size 10 thread in white, with a iridescent filament, and gold, with a gold filament.  This cross is 6" long.

 "Christina, size 80 in peach colors, Star thread.

 "Monica", size 80 in wildflower garden, Lizbeth thread.

 "Camilla", size 80 in pink and purple, Star thread.

"Malene", size 80 in pink and purple, Star thread.

The last four crosses are for sale, see face book:  West Pine Creations.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tatted Crosses

Tatted Crosses

     The cross pattern is from Roger at "Needle Tatting".  This pattern is fairly simple, yet elegant.  If tatted in one color, two shuttles are used.  I like the dramatic flair using two colors, performing a "shoe-lace-trick" for the inner rings.

Pearl Cotton #8 in purple and gold.

Size 10 crochet thread in gold with a gold filament and white with an iridescent filament.  Gold rocaille beads are on the inner rings picots.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tea And Tatting

Tea And Tatting

     Tea and tatting seem to go hand-in-hand.  Every morning I drink one, sometimes, two pots of tea and tat for a few hours.  I'm not a black tea drinker, but enjoy green, oolong, and white teas.
     To go along with my tea, I've been tatting tea pots from  Martha Ess's book, "Tea is for Tatting".  This is a wonderful book with ten tea pots.  Some of the patterns, also have matching cups, saucers, sugar bowls, and creamers.  You can find her books on her website or on her blog.
     Here are some of the teapots I've tatted from her book.  I accent some of the teapots with beads.  The "Tiny Round Teapot" makes a great pair of earrings, when it's tatted with size 80 thread.

 "Shamrock Teapot"

Size 20, Lizbeth thread in Autumn Spice and Medium Leaf Green.

"Antique Rose Tea Set"
 Size 40 thread, I can't remember the color.

"Tiny Round Teapot"

Size 80 "Star" thread, these make great earrings.

"Tiny Square Teapot"

Size 20 Lizbeth Thread in Vintage Harvest.

     "Tat's Heaven" is celebrating her 200th blog with a give-away.
So check out her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sterling Silver Tatting Shuttles

Sterling Silver Tatting Shuttles

     Here are three sterling silver tatting shuttle I've made.

Montana Agates, 2 13/16" X 15/16".

Turquoise and Malachite, 2 1/4" X 5/8".

      The color of turquoise ranges from dark to light blues and dark to light greens.


Man-Made Precious Opal, 2" x 5/8" 

     This is my favorite. I have small hands and this one fits nicely.  The great thing about man-made precious opal, is it's durability for this purpose.  The opal comes in a block, every saw cut is guaranteed "fire", and it won't crack.  Since natural opal is composed of water (producing the "fire"), through time the opal can crack.  Also, the "fire" is a thin film.  If you grind too much away, you'll grind away the "fire" (this is very costly).   Another note of trivia, most people refer to precious opal as fire opal.  Yes, the opal has "fire"/sparkle in it, but fire opals are actually orange to red in color, not white.

 They are all for sale, see my Face Book page, under Tatting Shuttles for details:  West Pine Creations.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Matching Earrings

 Matching Earrings

     So, now you may have started the necklace and/or bracelet from my last post, and need the matching earrings to complete you outfit.
     For the earrings, I wanted a cascading effect so I made up a simple pattern of five rings and two chains.   I used the same size 3 crocheting thread.  For smaller earrings, use smaller thread.  The joining picots use 4 mm beads and the beads on the working thread, of the chains, are 2 mm.  The decorative bead at the bottom can be any size (I used 6 - 8 mm beads).

©2011 Marie

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Matching Bracelets

 Matching Bracelets

     The matching bracelets were inspired by Beth's Z.'s "TatChat Shuttle" pattern. 
     To make these into bracelets, I used size 3 crochet thread and added a few jump rings to the end, and a magnetic clasp.  You can add/subtract the amount of jump rings to make it fit.  This is a very wide bracelet, so if you want it smaller, you could try size 10 crochet thread.

 Purple and green thread with glass and Cats-Eye beads.

Peach and cream thread with glass beads.

 Turquoise and peach thread with opalite beads.

 Cream and peach thread with opalite beads.

Black and turquoise thread with glass beads.