Saturday, November 17, 2012

Make-It-Yours Tatting Kits

Make-It-Yours Tatting Kits

    I initially made my tatting kits for beginner tatters.  Lately, advanced tatters are wanting them, so I needed to change out the size thread and size of picot hook.

     I've came up with a Make-It-Yours tatting kit, where you can chose what's in it.  You can chose between a small kit or large kit (extra empty bobbin, extra bobbin of thread and a larger case...nice for longer trips and room for tatting needles in the large pocket.)

     You can choose which size picot hook (from US size 1 thru 10) and the color of beads on the tatting essentials.  Choose which style of tatting shuttle and the size of thread (from 3, 10, 20, or choice of color). 

    Make-It-Yours tatting kits can be found on my face book page:  West Pine Creations.


 Small tatting Kit (outside)



 Free butterfly earring pattern in each kit.


  1. those are very nice kits.
    All the essentials are there.

  2. do you have a tutorial for the hook and picot gauge on the beaded safety pin?