Monday, April 23, 2012

Glass Blowing Monday

Glass Blowing Monday

     I'll try to use Mondays as glassblowing time.  For those who's had my "Scientific Glassblowing Class" or "The Glassblowing Workshop", this will be a good refresher course.  If your don't have your torches and supplies ready, don't worry, we'll get into that.

     Colors:  There are less, hard glass colors than soft glass colors.  This is due to the hotter temperatures used with hard glass.  The greens and blues come out wonderful.  The yellows, oranges, reds, and purples can be fussy.  These colors may come back if you "strike" them in a cooler flame.  We'll get into this some other Monday.   Some colors start out one color and come out another...trippy!!  Why is that....Chemistry :)  !!  Blue may have cobalt oxides, violet may have magnesium oxide, red may have selenium, yellow may have iron, green may have copper or chromium.  I say "may have", because not all reds may have selenium..they may have cadmium.

Some of the things my students made.

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