Friday, May 20, 2022



       Look like it might be a nice day at the market, tomorrow.  A little cool, and not much wind.

 Farmers Market

     The farmers market, here in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  New this year are:  tatting patterns, tatting kits, and anklets.  Plus a few secret items.  Come check us out....

     We will not be here, there is a strong wind.

Every Saturday, until Oct 1

Bonners Ferry City Parking Lot
Silversmithing: Custom Elk Jewelry, Jewelry made with local stones from Idaho and Oregon.
Glassblowing: Earrings
Tatting: Kits, shuttles, cases, books, patterns, motifs, trinket boxes, jewelry.
Fun and Kids (adult kids) stuff: Local rocks, spiders, etc.... J.S. Designs: Jan's beautiful, hand-made stitch cards and framed stitch cards..
We are the second canopy on the right, from the Visitor's Center (space #2).

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